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Broke Phone, What To Do?

my phone screen got smashed and no longer works, what should i do about my phone: i dont have enough money to buy a new one right now, and i will still be getting phone bills, what should i do, right now im paying for a phone i dont have it is broke. (wont even power on)

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You're options are to fix it via Koodo. Look at the out of warranty repair section: http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/before-you-purchase/what-is-your-warranty-and-repair-policy Or you can repair it via local repair shop. Or you can pay off your tab and buy another phone (new or used)
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If your money is low. Then Buy used. Check out Kijji or Ebay. For a cheap decent phone. That is the only other option other than what Dennis said.
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Or ask your friends and/or family members if they have an extra unused phone that you can buy (ideally Koodo phone). Then you can continue to use Koodo service.