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Broke my LG Black & Bought an HTC One X. Want to keep Koodo, & upgrade My Plan. Help Please.

I recently broke my LG Black phone, and I have bought a new HTC One X. I still owe about 60 dollars on the LG. Now I want to upgrade the HTC from my current Koodo plan to the $60 Data Plan. How do I proceed? Thanks in advance.

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All you need is the proper sim card from koodo for the One X Once you have it just log into self serve and change your service over to the new sim under the "Phone" tab. You can keep your plan and you don't have to pay anything other than the new sim I also may have misread your question If you're just looking to change your plan just goto selfserve and click on the "plan" tab from there you can make the changes you want to.
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You just need to go to Self Serve and change your plan to the $60 plan. I assume you are currently using your HTC One X right now. However if you are not, just put the LG sim card into the the HTC sim card slot if they are the same size. If they are different then you need to purchase a new sim card for $10
Great! Thanks guys.