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Bringing over Verizon Note 3

Hello! I have received as a.gift an old Note 3 from a friend who was on Verizon to replace my even older Galaxy S3. I checked the model number it is the NA model and was told it could work with Koodo.

From what I can tell, it was factory unlocked, as when I placed my Koodo SIM into it and (upon suggestion) changing the Network mode, I was able to place calls and send SMS within minutes. I also entered the APN information and was able to get a data connection.

It felt… too easy? Is there anything else I should be aware of? I have rebooted the phone and despite the Verizon bootanimation, it's now a Koodo phone with mobile network access. I don't seem to have lost the APN info, either, which I have heard can happen.

Thank you for any suggestions or warnings.

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Haha sounds you're good to go! Enjoy your phone!
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Well if it works then it works. Phones don't usually just stop working because they came from Verizon. The Verizon model supports 3G data as well as CDMA data so you should be just fine with it. Because it came sold from another carrier it will boot up with Verizon just like Koodo phones boot up Koodo but work anywhere else on a compatible network.
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Great job Robert.  You will enjoy that phone!
Thanks, everyone!

Well, I don't know if I jinxed it by making this post, but I noticed a short while ago that it keeps dropping off of the cellular network, wanting to switch to Global network mode. If I do that, it pops back on for a while and then drops. I switch it back to GSM/UMTS and it is back on the network for a while and then drops again. Very strange.

One of the possibilities is that I am at work, and we have notoriously terrible cell coverage inside, but I was wondering if there could be another reason. Any thoughts?
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A possibility is the issue most Verizon phones have with nonCDMA networks but since the model is compatible with 3G/LTE and if it has only happened at work, then it could be reception. If it persists, look for a WCDMA network only option in settings. Pull out your sim card wait a minute and put it back in and restart. You can put the sim card in another phone to see if the problem follows if it's a persistent issue.
Goran wrote:

A possibility is the issue most Verizon phones have with nonCDMA networks but since the model is ...

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep an eye on things and try this out.