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Bringing an Android with keyboard

I know it has been asked if such a device still existed, but I'm not asking. I request it. Last year I came to Koodo with the LG Optimus Chat. And right now my phone is an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S Glide (also sold in the States by AT&T as Samsung Captivate Glide) and I love it, even if it's two years old. I don't need a keyboard, I just love having the choice between touch screen and physical keyboard every now and then. Combining a landscape keyboard, full-on touch screen and mid-to-high end hardware specs is possible. And I know a few of these are still being sold: http://www.digitaltrends.com/best-qwerty-phones/ http://www.androidauthority.com/best-keyboard-qwerty-android-phones-2012-55315/ Maybe Koodo should bring one? Anyone agrees?

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The market for these devices is much smaller than it used to be but yes, some people are still diehard keyboard enthusiasts. Koodo won't announce any new phones until they're ready to be released so keep an eye out but again I seriously doubt you'll see any of those make it up here. It's up to the manufacturers to make new keyboard phones, Koodo is just the carrier.
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If your devices are compatible with the network, and unlocked, you can put your sim card in, and if you don't have a tab, request a 10% BYOD discount on your plan.