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Bring the Sony Xperia Z2 to Koodo

Anybody else excited for it's release? 🙂 I would totally update to the z2 if Koodo will be carrying the phone !

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I'm excited for it, yes, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Koodo doesn't carry any high end phones that's not an iPhone or Samsung and Telus has a say in which devices they'll let them carry, too. You're better off getting it somewhere else when it launches.
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Never say never, Jonathan! If we see a demand for it, we definitely consider it. If more customers ask for it, we always look into it.
I posted about this as well. I want to switch from Bell to Koodo. I am not under contract. It is not in my budget to purchase the Z2 out right from a sony store (new babe on the way). I am an avid Samsung user and i have never had a new phone model. I always go for affordable. Except this next purchase. i really want to experience the camera capabilities on the Sony Z2. Please oh please Koodo... I like you much more than Bell.
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