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Bring the Moto Maxx (Droid Turbo) to Koodo

Now that Motorola unveiled it's international version of the Droid Turbo, the Moto Maxx http://motorola-blog.blogspot.ca/2014/11/moto-maxx-choose-to-live-life-unplugged.html Please consider adding this phone to your lineup. It's what the new Nexus 6 should have been.

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Not a cheap option but hopefully this phone and the Moto X (2014) will be added to the lineup at some point. (Don't get me started on 16 GB being the only option on Telus) Simply amazing how hard it is to buy a top of the line Motorola phone in Canada. You have to be with a specific carrier... End this madness, unlock your phones and make them available to all.