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Bring back Phone Reviews

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It  would be great see Koodo users reviews of Phones as was previously available before the website change.   Sometimes those reviews help us decide what Koodo Smartphone to purchase. 

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I guess with all of the information that's available online in the form of unboxings and review videos, there's probably little reason to add reviews, though I'm only speculating. I do agree that having a review section for Koodo devices so that the customer can get an idea of what other people think, would be beneficial.
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Hi Spence,

I have a feeling that reviews will be implemented once Koodo finally re-opens the online web store. I have no guarantees on that, but if they are thinking of implementing reviews online they will probably do so with the new web store.
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Another vote for bringing back phone reviews. When I first joined Koodo, it was helpful to read reviews from others on phone models. It helped me with deciding which one to choose.