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Bright Friday Gift Card also in store?

Hello, I'm kinda wondering, there's currently a 150$.gift card offered for the Bright Friday event of Koodo on the Samsung Galaxy A5, I was thinking to go to the store to get one but I'm wondering, do they also offer the 150$.gift card when you get it in one of the store of is that offer only available if you buy it online?

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Fine print : * Only available with new activations on the Tab. Free bonus.gift when you buy online at koodomobile.com. Free.gift amount at participating Koodo store and retail partner locations may vary. Only available with new activations on the Tab. While quantities last. Any bonus.gift you receive is yours after 90 days as a Koodo customer. If you cancel service before then, you agree to pay the value of it.
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Hi Gordon i was just on the Koodo site it says get a extra 2gb on certain plans i am on the $49 6gb plan Quebec and wanted to get the $35 1gb plan could i get the extra 2gbs because i don't see anything about being a new member or upgrading to a new phone like it said last week and is any data deals for black Friday thanks