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Break down data usage with more detail

Recently I received a text warning me that I had used WAY more data than usual. When I logged onto Koodo to my account, I found that I was only able to see which days I had used big blocks of data and also what time this occurred. I wanted to see which websites / apps were being used but this information was not available. I checked my phone's browsing history and tried to piece the picture together. For two of the dates, I showed history but nothing that would account for that much data being used. For the third date, there was no browsing history at all. So I have no idea what I could do differently to avoid these over charges.
I would like to see a further breakdown of where the data was used for any chunk of data larger than 5 MB installed as a further pop down on the data usage info screen. I realize this could create privacy issues but perhaps you could have an opt in or out option. I  

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