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Brand new LG G3 Headphone jack issues

  • 5 December 2015
  • 2 replies

Last week I went into Walmart and picked up a LG G3 on the Black Friday special.  Now, just over a week old, it appears the headphone jack is faulty.  When listening to music it will constantly cut out one side of the music so I can only hear out of one ear.

Also sometimes when listening to music it will just randomly pause or skip to the next track.

I've tried multiple sets of headphones and it also happens when it's plugged into the aux jack of my car.

My question is what will walmart/koodo do fix this?  Will I just get a new device since it is only a week old?

Will they send it for warranty support and give me a loaner? 

Thanks guys

2 replies

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Hi Joseph,

As you are still in your first 14 days, I would recommend you just bring it back and exchange it for a new unit. You may also consider performing a factory reset before and trying it out to see if it fixes the issue. 
Yes still within the first 14 days.  Already did a factory reset with no luck unfortunately.  It really appears to be hardware related because if I wiggle the cable towards the headphone jack part it cuts out.  Thanks for the quick reply.