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Boxing day 2015 - Why are your boxing day deals for new activations only??

I have been a long time satisfied koodo customer but now that it is time to renew my only options are forking out far too much for a new phone or bumping up the tab of my current plan. The credits offered for new activations would help offset some of these absurd costs at the very least...so I am left with two options: get a zero dollar phone that is almost two years old, or switch providers. As it stands FIDO is offering a samsung galaxy s5 neo for zero dollars on a 70 dollar plan, but offers a 150 dollar credit to offset the bump in monthly plan costs. This seems to be the best deal going in Nova Scotia...that is unless you can match this deal...

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Koodo is offering the same with the Neo actually. $0 for the phone and you get a $150 visa.gift card. (The '$150' is not given to offset any cost by Fido, it's just a bonus) Also, Koodo's offering a $200.gift card on the LG G3. Check out Koodo's website. Did you check there? You'd think you would if you went to check Fido's deals. These deals are for new activations only. Just like Fido's deals are as well. Yes you'd be a new customer to them, but the next time a deal comes out you won't be able to get it and will be posting another one of these (what I find) ridiculous posts about being treated unfairly as a current customer lol.
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Ahmad wrote:

Koodo is offering the same with the Neo actually. $0 for the phone and you get a $150 visa.gift c...

You think it's fair that loyal customers don't get any deals? I think it's ridiculous!
And...it's not that I think I'm being treated unfairly either. It's just every now and then I'd like to be able to get a deal like NEW customers get!
I get a new phone almost every year and am never offered any kinda deal at all and it kinda irks me a little! Other than that, I am quite happy with being a long time customer! 
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@Reg looks like today was a quick day for you and bought the Neo 5 from us already using your positive tab. Great call! Thanks for your business again!