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bought used samsung. after factory reset cant use phone

i recently got a used samsung s5 off of someone and their information was still on it. i did a hard facttory reset because i needed to know their passward to do a normal reset. now when im trying to turn on the phone it says"this device is locked because of an abnormal factory reset. sign in to the samsung account that you have already signed into on this device to confirm it belongs to you" ive tried making a samsung account. what do i do

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This looks like a security issue. I believe Samsung added something called Knox to their devices a little while ago which is supposed to make them more secure. This is why I always make sure I get the original box and I test out phones first when I meet someone for a used device. I don't think you can do anything besides contact the seller and see if they sign into their Samsung account to unlock it.
This is the same person. what if i cant contact the person? they arent answering
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Again, it looks like the only way into the phone is to get the person to log into their Samsung account. You'll have to wait until they answer.
But im 80% sure they're in jail...
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Regardless of the circumstance, the bottom line is that the person who owned the phone previously will have to log into the account them self. There's no other way around that.
I have the same issue s6 edge. It is my sons phone and he tried to many time with the wrong password and we are at the same cross roads. I have the right email and the right password except when we set up the Samsung account 4 years ago we use a att.net email that was closed 3 years ago when we switched to twc. And now some how Samsung has the email as att.COM not net . we have the receipt and all the right awnsers but after 10 phone calls between verision (my carrier) and samgsong I'm told I have a paper weight. Is the any one with any help. Thanks josh
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is he out of jail yet?  Please update us! 😃