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Bought new Sim card, put into my same phone, can't activate online.


Last summer I had a Koodo plan which I used with my unlocked Moto G. I dropped the plan after 4-5 months to travel overseas. I recently returned and visited a Koodo kiosk, where I was told by the Koodo representative that my old SIM card from 1 year ago that I used for 4 or 5 months of Koodo service would not be reuseable with any new or reactivated service. So I purchased a new Koodo micro SIM card similar to last summer and inserted it into the same phone (just being clear, compatibility to my phone is not the issue here). I am a Quebec resident but I bought the SIM card during travel in Ontario so I did not sign up on a plan with it because I was told I could do so online and that way get one of the exclusive to Quebec resident monthly plan promotions. 

I phoned koodo to activate the sim, and was told its a 15$ charge unless I do it on the website for free. Great!

But this has proven impossible.

I've tried everything on the website to a) register for self-serve (as a monthly plan customer the site expects you to put in your number, but I do not have one assigned to my SIM card yet). b) register the sim under the prepaid registration page, for which mine is incompatible, since it is a monthly plan SIM, but I tried anyways. c) select the plan I want, proceed to checkout and purchase it, but find myseld unable to get past the phone selection page I am automatically forwarded to because there is no option for 'bring your own phone' and therefore I can only proceed by buying one/creating a tab. 

To top it all off, as a previous customer, I know I used to have a self-serve account, but I cannot log in since it says my username/email does not exist in the system (which makes sense that it would be erased since I stopped being a customer over 3 months ago), but when I try to make a new account on prepaid user registration page, the only other error other than "your SIM card pin is not valid" is "the provided email is not available"! One page says it doesn't exist, the other says its taken?? Makes no sense.

I have my phone, I have my appropriate Koodo SIM (and the 19 digit number associated with it), I do not have a number assigned yet, so therefore can't sign up for self-serve, I want to give Koodo my money for this plan, but I can't make it happen! What do I do?

Thank you for any help!

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Did you receive and settle a final bill when your plan lapsed? If so, your account was closed after a certain period and you are now most likely considered a new customer. That would explain why you don't have any access to self-serve.

Changing a SIM number on-line used to be available only after a short lapse or phone change, but now AFAIK it's only done by calling in. Without an active account, you may well have to go through the whole new account qualification and paperwork all over again.
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The Rep on the phone was misinformed, call back, if they ask for a fee, remind the that you cannot do it yourself online. They should waive the fee.
What if you cannot call because your phone doesn't work because you can't register the sim card you were just sold?
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Judy Jolliffe wrote:

What if you cannot call because your phone doesn't work because you can't register the sim card y...

If you can't do it in person at a kiosk or retailer then you can use Skype or Fongo or any other VoIP via your internet to make the call.