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Bought an unlocked phone and it needs a micro sim card apparently

Hi, I recently bought a nexus 5 but my previous phone (samsung galaxy s2x) with koodo uses a standard sim card instead of a micro sim card. Any suggestions as to how I can obtain a micro sim card and how to activate it as soon as possible.
Thank you

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Ok, so I was just told that I could buy a micro Sim Card at any Koodo store and activate it on Self Serve, Can any of you confirm this information please. Also, do they sell anywhere else?
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That info is correct and You can buy at any Koodo Kiosk only.
Thank you sir.
Is doing the activation online fairly simple (I don't want to mess everything up).
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Yep, activation is simple.
Sign in to Self Serve >click Change Phone> and choose -  New SIM Card in my current phone > and enter your new 20 digit sim #         
Thank you, I really apppreciate it.
Standard sims can be cut down to the size of micro sim and installed. Been there, done that.