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Bought a used S7 (bell locked)....

I want to upgrade my s4 to a used Bell locked S7. Is there any way to get it unlocked for free (after Dec 1)? Can I get a friend on Virgin to have them unlock it for free? Not sure of the easiest and cheapest way to get it on my Koodo plan. If I have to unlock it on my own, can I go the ebay route ($8), or is the phone hardware locked. I don't have a nano-sim to test.

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Hello Michael,

Going with a friends would be the easiest option. If it doesn't work, eBay is your second best bet.
I ended up getting unlocked for free by samsung - online - via live chat. 
Instructions here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7/how-to/galaxy-s7-free-unlock-code-samsung-t3677396