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Borderless Plan with a 1 Hour Mile Radius to have data and text available, not just phone.  I live in Windsor and Detroit is my border city.  I typically shop there, or go for training and even head out for a lot of events, concerts etc... because it is much closer than Toronto.  I find it hard to talk on the phone when at a concert or get reception, so texting would be great.  Example:  I took my kids to their first concert to Katy Perry at the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI.  My husband was trying to talk with me from our home to tell me there was major flooding on the highway and for us to try to leave the concert right away, but I could not hear him.  The concert was over and I called him back to find out the highways are closed down and we have to get a hotel as it is late, he was concerned for our safety as we would of had to take side roads all the way back through Detroit to get to the tunnel/home, which would of taken twice as long.  Data would of been used to search area maps or emergency phone numbers if stranded or in trouble.  That night was called the major flood of Detroit.  It shut down freeways for 3 days. This date was Monday Aug.11, 2014.  If Koodo could do this I and so many others would be grateful.  I believe in possibilities.

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