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Bluetooth dropouts Samsung S7

  • 3 December 2017
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Hey community, can someone please assist me. I have had my brand new Samsung S7 which i hooked up to Koodo 3 months ago through my local Best Buy. I also got the extended 'Geek Squad insurance as well. I am running Android 7.0. The issue that has been plagueing me is the constant BLUETOOTH dropping. I am using Monster Victory wireless headphones(which worked on my prior Samsung S4) that work on my HP laptop perfectly fine, so i know it is not the headphones. I have googled relentlessly trying to figure this out. I noticed there is a 7.1 Android update circulating. I just called Koodo and they have no idea about this issue or the forthcoming update. Has anybody else experiencing this or is there anything i can do?

3 replies

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I never had any issues with bluetooth on any of my Samsung devices. Try completely forgetting the device on your phone and re-pairring the headphones.
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In one blog, a user said Samsung suggested to clear the cache in Bluetooth app. Hope it could help
Since you paid for extended warranty, take it to geek squad and let them figure it out.