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Blue tooth accidentally activated.

Left on all night and drained the battery. How do I prevent that fromhappening again?

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Plug phone in so it charges when you aren't using it.
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Turn off bluetooth when you are done using it. There should be a bluetooth icon in the status bar when it is on
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Pull down your notification bar (swipe down from top edge of your screen) and there should be a button to toggle Bluetooth on/off. In not, there should be a settings icon in the top right corner) If you tap on that, there will be a section about Bluetooth there somewhere (depending on phone model, frequently under network and wireless). While having Bluetooth on does affect battery life, I don't really find it does so significantly (unless you have an active connection - meaning that it is connected and to and transceiving to/from a compatible Bluetooth device). Therefore, I really only recommend turning off Bluetooth to people who either never, or very infrequently use Bluetooth.
thanks all ... It got turned on accidentally ... after it drained my battery I turned it off. I wnat to know how to block that from happening again. How do I block blue tooth from toggling on accidentally?
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There are some apps out there that can monitor your geographic location and turn bluetooth on and off as needed. Check the play store if you've got an android. I can't remember the name of the app.
Thanks. I'll check it out, Chad.