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Blue Dots on Camera Screen & Pictures (on my brand new Samsung SIII)

I just got a new phone from koodo a few weeks ago (it's a Samsung S3). I also got the $80 lifeproof case for it which was put by the employee I bought the phone from. I've only had the phone a short time and have to say I am not happy with it. The phone signal/connection sucks. I am constantly asking people to repeat themselves because the phone cuts out so much. I live in the same area as I have for a few years and my last koodo phone (the s2) wasn't this bad for cutting out. I hear half words and sometimes miss full sentences people are saying. Secondly, as of a couple days ago these blue dots appeared on my pictures I took with the phone's backfacing camera (the main one). The dots are visible on the camera screen as well as the pictures. I've read up on it and it sounds like it's a hardware issue with the phone's camera sensor. When I zoom in the blue dots or pixels disappear off the edge of the screen/picture which I read indicates a hardware issue; plus the fact that it's only on the camera screen (not the home screen) and showing up in the pictures I take as well. A lot of people have had to replace their phone once, twice and even three times due to this problem showing up again and again. It makes me really question if koodo is right for me because I live far away from the nearest kiosk (an hour and a half drive) and I don't currently have a car. So I'm not even sure how or when I'll be able to take the phone back. Can anyone tell me what they will do for me when I'm able to get there to show the phone to them? It's been over 14 days since I got the phone (but only by about a week). I don't even want another S3 at this point I'd rather get a different type of phone or go with a different phone company completely if these issues are going to happen again. I wish I could just call koodo and ask but I don't want to be charged $25 for the customer service call. I already got charged $10 twice recently because the mobile data turned on after I factory reset my last glitchy samsung phone that was freezing a lot and then when I got this new one I didn't realize it was turned on until later that day so I got charges from the apps automatically updating.

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There is never a charge to get technical assistance or ask a question They only charge you to make changes on your acct that you could've made yourself via self serve You need to call in and ask for tech support.
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There is no charge to call koodo to ask a question, only if you ask them to do something you could do on your own on self serve. Unfortunately since it is past the 15 day return period, warranty is your only option. Unless you want to buy another phone outright or pay off this tab and get another phone on a tab. Here are the warranty details http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/before-you-purchase/what-is-your-warranty-and-repair-policy But feel free to call Koodo customer service to see if they can help you.