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Black friday website issues / phone out of stock (Essential)

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Hi all,

Unfortunately, my "black friday" online shopping experience hasn't been as great due to several bugs with the website.

I was looking at ordering the Essential phone given it's discounted price, but the site wasn't working well on Thursday and Friday (online ordering got disabled on Friday), and it was not possible to pick it up in store.

Then, over the week-end, I've run into other issues with the Koodo website -- for instance, Sunday, I was unable to view the plan prices (upon clicking on No Tab, Tab Small, Medium or Large, the plan prices did not appear), across several browsers and on my phone.  This seems to be fixed now though.

I also had several issues with the "province" selection on the Koodo website  (to give a bit of background, I'm a Quebec resident, but I have been temporily located in BC recently for work purposes). There is a strange bug: when opening the Koodo website, it starts with QC which is correct, but when I click on Phones or Plans, it switches to another apparently random province (ON, BC, MB, etc.). Then, when I click on another link, it switches again to another province. I can't explain why this is happening, but this bug isn't new, it seems to come from times to times. I was able to reproduce the bug on Firefox, Chrome, Chrome for Android and Edge, and also after clearning cookies and in private navigation tabs. (I would be happy to assist the Koodo team in diagnosing this bug.)

Finally, yesterday, I managed to add the phone to my cart, but I realized that shipping to a different address than the one on file would not be possible (shipping my phone in BC as I'm temporarily there) (also discussed in a couple threads, such as here: https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/order-phone-online-for-one-province-and-shipped-to-an...)

I wrote a PM to Koodo and they replied this morning telling me that it would be possible to ship elsewhere if I was a customer (which I am), by writing to the web store team, so I tried to order before the black friday deals would expire, but it didn't work as the phone was now "out of stock".  The Koodo rep told me that they would get more in a few days / weeks, but they couldn't guarantee the discounted price.

Sorry for the long post -- my question is : is there any way for me to place my order now, at the black friday price (discount of 290$), given the issues that I've experienced with the website, and simply have it simply shipped when Koodo has more in stock (I don't mind waiting)?


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This is something you would have to take up with the web store/a Koodo rep.
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Are you able to order? The web store is closed today. What I would personally do is to order it now when it is still on the sale price even if it is out-of-stock. Keep in touch with Koodo webstore tomorrow and ask if they can ship it to you in BC and guarantee the sale price when it is in-stock. Worst case scenario, you can cancel the order if they cannot guarantee the price or change the shipping address.
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@Allan - thanks, well the koodo rep online (through Facebook msgr) said he couldn't guarantee the price, but I'll reach out to the webstore by email asap and explain the situation.

@Erwin - no, I can't order. I really should have done it yesterday while it was still in stock, but I was afraid that the phone would be shipped to my address in QC and since I wouldn't be there, then it would have been chaos.
Thing is that I'll be in QC in 3 weeks, so if the order can be processed and it's simply delayed, then there will be no need to switch the shipping address anymore.
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Just a quick followup on getting the "out-of-stock" phone --  I called Koodo and explained the situation. The CSR got hold of a manager, and given the issues with the website this weekend, put a note in my file so that the WebStore team could give me the discounted price for the Essential phone, when it would be back in-stock again. He told me to send an email to the WebStore (or call them) to have them look at the note on my account.

Apparently the webstore is open only Thu and Fri 3 PM-9 PM? I assumed it was Tue-Fri.
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Julien wrote:

Just a quick followup on getting the "out-of-stock" phone --  I called Koodo and explained t...

It is Tuesday to Friday.