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I don't know how to read the E-bill. The amount $130.16 is the payment for which months? If I pay tomorrow ie Jan 12,2019. is there any outstanding because I am planning to leave the country. thank you

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If you look at your pdf bill through self serve you'll see the details. That should tell you when you're paid up till.
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This will help explain your bill


If you are permanently leaving the country, you need to contact Koodo. Note that there will be one final bill likely a month after than with your final amount owning if any
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Your bill is the payment the next month in advance and overages from the month past.
If you leave right after your billing cycle ends then Koodo should actually owe you money since you pay a month in advance.
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Hi hon! You can find out if the full amount you see in your Self Serve is for this last bill only or if it's for the last bill (current) and the one before that (past due).

You can do that by calling #123 - option 1.

You'll also be able to see your final PDF bill through your Self Serve after your next bill cycle (even after you've left us) .

Here's how, in case:
- Just login to your Self Serve (http://koo.do/2eb7PAT)
- Click on "View my bill"
- Click on "Download bill (PDF)"

Please note that you can still access your Self Serve and detailed PDF bills for 90 days after you've cancelled your line.

Have a good one 🙂