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Bill problems

I have run in a few times with not always paying my phone bill but i never leave it past 1 month not payed. I always make sure the the bill gets payed in full by the end of the second month if i have a hard month. Now i am being thretend that if i dont pay my bill today my service will be shut down until i pay. I will only get my money on the 30th of this month please help me i need my phone for medical reasons

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Hello Tasha,

You would need to call Koodo in order to make payment arrangements. You can dial #227 to reach the payment services directly 🙂
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Hi there!

Please do what Robert said... Just to add, we all have rough months, the thing here is, if you do not let Koodo know, you are at risk of suspension and this will bring a reconnection fee... Things can be worked out with the Payment Management Team! 

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Prepaid might be a better way to go in your circumstance