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Bill Payment Through Self Serve App

I just tried to pay my bill through the new version of the app, which used to be extremely quick and efficient, just hitting view bill > pay now > continue, all within the app.  It took literally 10 seconds from login to paid bill.  

This month I was redirected through my mobile web browser, where I had to type in my billing information, as well as credit card information. It even showed me a screen that had my credit card information filled in, then sent me to the next screen where I had to fill it all out again.  This is a massive step back in functionality of the app.  

When can we expect payment functionality to revert to the previous version?  

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I am with you on that, the system has been pretty glitchy in recent weeks, but I believe they are upgrading all their platforms and systems which can cause certain issues when using the app or website. 

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@ Nick, new Payment Card Industry regulation meant that we could no longer continue with an app based payment. We indeed had to indeed take a step back on the experience in order to comply. This was driven by the fact that we have relatively few people using our app as most people now use our mobile friendly site for their account management. The most used feature on our app was checking usage, but ever since the introduction of our shock-free-data plan, most no longer needed to check that since we were proactively notifying them about their data use and stopping them when they reach their limit. Long story short the app no longer plays a significant role for most customers, based on their feedback. I'm going to take a look if there is anythin we can do to reduce the number of steps for payments given the browser based approach now. Thanks Nick!