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Bill Payment Issue

I recently paid my phone bill through internet banking, but websites state that I havn't paid yet. Is anyone know why it's showing like that? Is there any toll free number of Koodo support where I can call and ask?

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It may take some time for your bank to actually POST the payment then some time for KOODOO's bank to acknowledge that it received it.  Generally with RBC I see about 2-3 days before it shows on my account.

You should have had a reference number from your bank when you processed the payment.  

As well, I would confirm that the account number you used for online banking to reference your Koodoo account is correct.  If it is incorrect, it can be a bit of tangle to correct (depending on your bank I guess).
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Hey Rajiv! Like Jason said, it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business for your payment get posted in your account. You can check through your self-serve account http://koo.do/1RgKwB1 to see if the payment has been registered. If after those days it still is not there, please verify with your bank that the payment has been made to the right account. If it has, you can give a call to our payment services department by dialing *611 from your Koodo phone (option 3) or 1-866-995-6636 from a landline 🙂