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bill - partial charges?

This is my first bill.
I registered $25 plan per month.
When I checked my first bill, I watched about partial charges.

Partial charges
$5.83$25 100 Local Plan (Jul 08 To Jul 14)

What is it? Why add this partial charges?
So, my first bill is...
monthly plan $25  + partial charges $5.83 + taxes $4.01 
= total $34.84   

Is it right??

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That is a proration charge. For your first bill it is the part of the bill from when you signed up to your billing cycle start date (in this case the 8th and 14th) plus th first full billing cycle. This is normal and you did not get overcharged. Your next bill from now on will be base25 plus tax. Not including any add-ons/overages etc of course.
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