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bill inexplicably high every time!

I signed up for a plan that should be costing me $67+change each month. I was emphatic I needed to know what it would cost and NO surprises. The first bill was almost $90 and everyone here said the first bill is higher don't worry. The only bill that was $67/change was the second one. I've only been with koodo 5 months but all bills but one have been over what I was told. I don't use much of my 750mb data, I have unlimited text unlimited ld calls in Canada - and I don't call outside that... and unlimited minutes anytime. There's basically nothing that should be costing me $10-20 extra a month but every month the bill is well over $75 or more. That may sound like pennies to some but I did tell them it had to be what I expected because I'm not working and I have other things to pay. I'm on a samsung galaxy 3 phone using android. I'm in nova scotia Canada. The plan has unlimited text unlimited anytime minutes unlimited long distance in Canada and 750mb data. Trivial or not... if the bill doesn't start being what I was promised then I'll dump koodo. I like the phone but I didn't have one for years so I'm not worried about being without one now. Would rather keep it but I won't have them drain extra money every month for no apparent reason.

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Did you look at the bills? Log into Self Serve and check page 3. There's something wrong that you're not seeing.
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Okay, did the math with the 15% HST rates for NS. You're on the $54 plan with a $5 Tab charge. However, that plan doesn't have unlimited airtime.1000 daytime minutes would normally be hard to pass, but if you thought it was unlimited all along it could've happened. Other possibilities could be data overage (most likely culprit) or international Long distance.