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Bill does not include BYOD discount?

My 55 2gb unlimited talk text plan doesn't seem to include the BYOD discount and is more expensive then normal as well. 67 this month instead of 55+tax.

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If you switched to this plan after April 19, 2015 then the BYOD discount is built into the price. There are no extra discounts. Have you taken a look at your actual bill to see the charges, Andrew? Download the PDF bill and you can see the charges. If you have any billing disputes or inquiries, feel free to call *611 from your Koodo phone and a rep will be happy to assist you 🙂
If this is your first bill there will be some pro-rated charges for the time from when you signed up to when your billing cycle starts.
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When you signed up, you would have gotten a start-up sheet that explains the first bill. You rarely sign up at the beginning of a bill cycle, so you are charged 1/30th of your plan for each day. Instead of being charged for 2 months, you are charged for the month and the few days prior to the bill cycle. Hope this helps!