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better phones + more flexable tab

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Koodo needs to offer more phones as choices for example Koodo should offer the following phones -Iphone 5 (all storage options + colours) -HTC One + 8X,8S X+ - Galaxy Note 2 - Nokia Lumia 620 - Xperia ZL I would put Phablets there as well but im not sure if there are alot of phablet users on Koodo's network. Koodo could reform the tab by allowing a person who is eligible for a tab to pay for half of the phone on a tab and the rest would remain as a balance. For example the HTC one costs 734.50 with tax so a person who is eligible For a Koodo tab can have a maximum of 367.25 remaining on their tab.

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You can bring any unlocked phone to koodo. They will never have every phone ever anyways. Plus, they give you 10% off on your plan with your own phone. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo.shtml
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true but it would be better if they had a bit more of a selection.