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Twice now I have purchased a samsung phone but find the instructions to vague on how to set up the phone. The first time I bought one I got so frustrated that I returned to phone. I have just bought another one hoping that it would be easier as the sales rep at the koodo shop was showing me how to do things but when I got home I guess because he knows the phone inside out I forgot and I am now in the process of fighting to set up my phone.

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What exact phone is it? What exactly are you having trouble with during the setup process? Do you have a Google account? Samsung account?
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If you select apps on your dock, there is an app called Help that might be useful.
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You can also look for tutorials on Youtube. Type in what you want to do and there'll be helpful instructions showing you what to do. If you end up getting too frustrated to continue with your Samsung phone even after this (sounds like it's an Android), you might be better off picking up the Lumia 520 instead. It's much simpler to operate and based off Windows 8.
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With Samsung phones, another option is to go to the Samsung SPSN site. It has a bunch of how to videos on how to do multiple things with their products. You can watch videos on your home computer and follow along on your phone, or you can also download it from the Google play store if you search for SPSN. http://support-cacyber.samsung.com/caspsn/main.jsp
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Turn on phone, follow instructions on screen. Can't get more simple than that.
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On some Samsung products there is the option to enter into easy mode which greatly simplifies the operation of the device. Models include the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. Please provide us with the type of phone you have. If you're unsure of what model you have, you can tap the Settings icon, scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and select About device and look under the sub-heading Model number. Another way to get the device model number, is to simply turn off the phone completely, then turn it back on and watch the display screen. It will have something like GT-S7560M which is the devices model number and translates to a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2x.
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Hi Raylene, I recommend going to youtube, especially the channel called phones4u. They have alot of subscribers and they go through everything on the phone.. From deleting apps, setting voicemail, and so on. I think this will be beneficial for you.