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Being charged double?

I switched from the $45 plan that had 500mb in between my cycle (April17-May18) to the $45 1G plan, now in my May bill that I must pay on June 12 the total cost is $83? Why? I checked my E-Bill and it shows that I am being charged for the April17-May18 (The 500mb is $22 and 1G is $23) PLUS May 17-June18? Why am I being charged for May to June on my May bill? BACKSTORY: I am on a Tab originally for the BB Curve 9300 but I bought an unlocked GS3 and then switched to a unlocked iPhone 5.

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All your bills are actually a month in advance. No one really pays attention to that until they ask this type of question. That's how ALL carriers in Canada work. That's why it's called a postpaid service; You use the service first and pay after (cause you get your billing for the upcoming month, plus overages from the previous month)
Exactly and with Proration, it makes it even a little more confusing. Wait till next months bill, it should be back to normal.
So your saying thatI'm paying an extra $40 for nothing.
So your saying thatI'm paying an extra $40 for nothing. No you are paying a portion or all of next months bill as well.
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So your saying thatI'm paying an extra $40 for nothing. It all balances out. Don't worry 🙂
am being charged for my usage ( signed up a $ 55 plan last June 17) from June 17-25 BUT on top of that why do I have to pay the monthly plan of $55 which I signed for when it hasn't been a whole month since I've used it. Isn't that being double charged??

Shouldn't I be charge only for my actual usage w/c is $16.50 ( $55÷30 days ×9 days =$16.50)?
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You are paying 1 month in advance
Thank you