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before doing activation I put SIM card in my phone.

  • 23 September 2015
  • 5 replies

I bought pre-paid SIM card. But before doing activation I put SIM card in my phone. so I can't activate. How should I do? Should I buy new SIM card and plans??

5 replies

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if your sim isn't activated you gotta Log into your Self Serve account, click on Mobile Phone > Change Phone > Enter serial number of new sim card. 
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What do you mean you can't activate? Turn off the phone, remove the card, activate it in Self Serve and put it back.
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Hey there Unee! Were you able to activate your new SIM card? Keep us posted!
The same thing is happening to me right now! And I don't know what to do ... I put my SIM card in my iPhone before activating it, and went on the website to activate it but it's not activating! I even turned my phone on and off, aswell as whipped of the SIM card with a cloth. It still isn't working and I don't know what to do ?
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Hi Celeste.

Is this a new activation or are you trying to activate a new sim card on your existing Prepaid account? Can you also tell us what error message you're getting? Thank you.