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Battery Problem? 2 Month old S2X

I seem to be encountering some problems with my Samsung Galaxy S2X. I got the phone at the end of March 2013. The other day was the first time I forgot to charge my phone at night which resulted in the phone going completely dead. I charged it for a while with the wall charger to get a little juice, and then plugged it in to my usb cord at work. It is evident the USB cord in the computer takes a long time to charge, so last night I charged it 100% with the wall charger. I unplugged it this morning at 8:00 and my phone just notified me i need to plug into an outlet as the battery is low. I have checked the task manager and everything is closed. I haven't really used the phone today other than sending a few text messages. Does anyone know if my battery may be messed up? Is there any way to reset it if it needs to be? If I need a new battery will I be able to get one from the Koodo store, or will I need to contact Samsung?

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Check to see what apps you're running and what kind of power they are consuming. One thing that helped me was green power pro which manages the different radios in your phone to stretch the battery life.
I opened the task manager (as I do frequently) and made sure everything was closed, which it was. I downloaded Gsam battery app and it shows the largest consumer as the screen which I have now turned down; that shouldn't matter though as this just started happening and my settings have been the same since I got the phone.
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Have you recently upgraded the OS? I've heard that the most recent version of Jellybean had been causing battery drainage. EDIT: One thing you can do to refresh the battery is to charge it to 100% then let it lose it's charge completely and the charge to 100% again, that will get the electrons flowing more efficiently.
The OS is still the same (I was actually going to upgrade to JB this weekend) I am in the process of doing a full charge again right now
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Best place to look for a new battery is online at a retailer or EBay. have you installed any new apps fairly recently? If you have try deleting that app and see. Also Have you been anywhere that you usually don't go, traveling for the weekend or something perhaps.
If you speak with tech support and they determine that the problem is with the battery and that it is still in warranty (as it sounds like it should be from when you bought it), they may be able to send you a replacement battery, under warranty.
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Hey Paul, just to add on to what's been said, if you have the display brightness set to high, that can drain the battery quicker if the screen remains active. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Hi Myke nothing has changed for the brightness- I downloaded the gsam battery app and it looks like songza was running in the background consuming 20% of my battery life. There was an automatic update just prior to me posting this (May 16). I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it to see if it will change anything today. Since unplugging from charger this AM to now I am already at 43% battery life.. The second biggest user seems to be the Kernel (Android OS) @ 17.8% and then Android System @ 10.8%. Should I consider upgrading to Jellybean?