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Battery life sucks

Ever since I had my Android Optimus Chat phone I always need to charge up my phone. I have it charging at least twice a day. Is that normal? I turned off all the apps like wifi, maps, GPS and other programs I don't use and the phone still need to be charged.I love my phone but that is one of the annoying thing about this phone. A couple friends told me if I do a root on my phone it should do some good to the battery life. Is that true? Is there a way for beginners to do a root without the complicated stuff that goes with it? Are all cellphones like this that drain battery life?

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The Optimus chat is an older phone. No doubt you've had it a while. One thing that may help is simply to replace that well used battery. You can find replacements on ebay. When I started using an external battery charger along with a rotation of batteries one of the side effects was the batteries lasting longer and longer. Make sure to fully discharge your battery before you charge the phone again. There is no uncomplicated way to root a phone nor will just rooting the phone make your battery last longer. It's a combination of rooting along with changing firmware and reseting battery stats. Tbh, I don't remember a rom available for that phone. Chad
I had this phone for a few month. Like late last year.
Would I be able to find the replacements of a battery at a Koodo store or kiosk?
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Shellina Holloway wrote:

Would I be able to find the replacements of a battery at a Koodo store or kiosk?

No as far as I know koodo doesn't sell replacement batteries, you can try other carriers but the phone is older and they probably won't have them in stock anyways. Your best chance is ebay like Chad suggested.
Ok, will do.