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Do you use battery apps on android , and what is the name of the apps

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a lot of the time they use up more battery than they save if you are already doing manually what the apps just do automatically. To save battery -it's best to just keep the display as low as possibly comfortable, -turn off gps and any other location features when not needed, -turn off any features such as Samsung's smart stay, smart scroll, ect, -turn your screen on time to as low as possible, -Close apps running in the background, -Turn on any built in battery saving features, especially ones that undercover or limit the CPU -Turn off hepatic feedback and vibration for ringer or notifications if you get a lot of messages or calls and don't need it or hepatic feedback of keyboard and onscreen touch. -You can also turn off auto sync and manually sync apps when you use them but you won't receive notifications unless you open said apps.
Yes Maxime , as Paul said it is better to tune up the phone manually . But if you want to let an up doing that, the only one i found with acceptable results is Juice Defender , the reset are just draining the battery more than it should .
+1 for Juice Defender. One of the best apps that I purchased....