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Bad Network with Koodo pretty much everyday!

I am having a bad connection with Koodo Network pretty much everyday! I can't count on my phone if I had an emergency call to make... and I am paying more than 60$\month! My phone get disconnect from the network at least 10 times a day... I have a Nexus 5

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Do you have coverage in your area? http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/coverage-maps
Yes, I am working downtown Toronto at the Hilton Hotel on Richmond West and I live at High Park. Two zones who are supposed to be available.
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Goto Settings... Wireless and networks... More... Mobile networks... Network selection. Allow the phone to scan, and then choose Telus or Koodo. Restart the device daily to ensure proper function. You may also want to switch network type to WCDMA/GSM Auto instead of LTE/wcdma/GSM auto
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If 'WCDMA Preferred' or 'WCDMA Only' is an option, select this instead. This will conserve battery life by preventing the device from scanning for a non-existent GSM network.
I just did the change! Thanks for all the help! Now, let see if it will make a difference 😉
Still having the same issue... In the last 5 min I lost the network 3 times for about 5-10 sec each time... Cant listen my voicemail messages entirely and I am just beside a window of the Hilton downtown Toronto on ground floor...
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I recommend getting a new sim card. If you still have the issue after that and it's been under a year, contact Koodo to arrange for warranty service.
Excellent, I will follow your advice. Thanks again for your help!