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Bad experience with screen protector from Kodoo store

I got a new LG G5 the other day. Rep asked if i wanted the case and the glass screen protector with it which I purchased. He installs the tempered glass screen protector for me and says that's the best he can do? When I look at it there is large air pockets under the protector. I told him I was not happy with it and he says some phones do not work well with the glass protectors? I tell him he should have told me that before I bought it. I ask him to please refund my money. he says he cannot because it's been applied. He says he can try another one. so he does and it's worse. We end up taking it back off because it looks like crap.

 Called customer service and they offer to refund me half of what I paid for it??

Not happy at all. Tempted to just return the phone.

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Hello Rob,

If returning the phone will solve your problem, then I suggest you do that. But personally, I don't think it will. I understand that you might be frustrated with the service you received and I must agree with you. It's not what you would expect from Koodo when you buy a screen protector. You could've tried applying screen protectors until it looked perfect. No one could've stopped you from doing that.

Let's keep in mind that he still tried a second one with you. So, in my opinion, the poor guy tried to do his best.
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I wouldn't return the phone if it was a good deal just to prove a point as you may end up paying more for something else elsewhere.

Most places don't offer guarantees on screen protector application unless they specifically advertise such a service.
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And this is why I hate screen protectors.  Im very OCD about my phone looking pristine and new.   A human can not apply with the level of accuracy and quality over a machine.

I would go back and speak with a store manager regarding a refund.  Since it was them who opened it and applied it.  

OR, if it was applied with poor quality I would ask them to remove it and try another one.  But before he opens the next one I would tell them to stop and you would apply yourself.  Then come back another day and refund the unopened screen protector.
I have the same situation here.Bought Samsung S9 few days ago.And asked koodo representative to put screen protector on.They installed me Belkin tempered glass. 20 min late i noticed large air pockets under the protector. Came back to the kiosk and asked them to do something. And was told to contact Belkin ask them to send me new one.So I'm like an idiot calling Belkin and they are ok with replacing my screen protector but i have to send old one back and wait from 8 to 10 weeks. 3 bloody months? Are you joking Koodo. You sold me this crap and want me to wait?
So i went back. After the long argument with koodo supervisor. They changed my protector to the new one.
And 20 min later you can clearly see that air pocket again. So I'm at the kiosk again. Explaining what i don't want this garbage,i just need a film protection and not glass. The same as on my S8( installed here and serve me perfectly).
And Koodo refused to change it to me.
I'm really disappointed. I have 2 phones with you.And been with you for last 5 years. And you treating us like this?
I just going to take my phone and that useless protector back to the this week
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@Sergii : Was the air pocket was there at the store? Was the screen protector free? or how much they charge you? Did you ask them how to deal with it?

You could get a film protector somewhere on amazon. Koodo is selling phone, screen protector is not their expertise.