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Availability of the Samsung Note 3 or 4 soon?

I am looking to change mobile providers & get a new phone/handheld.  In an ideal world, would love to get the Samsung Note 3 (or 4).  I'm tired of iOS and it's odd peculiarities, and want smartphone with greater capabilities.  I like your rates & would love to get the right mobile device with your company.

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Koodo won't comment on future handset availability until the launch of said device is imminent on their network. Unless you want the Note specifically for its size, why not try an S5? It's nearly identical in specs and features. If you're firm on wanting the Note, then I'd look elsewhere to buy and then bring it to Koodo if their plans work for you (plus you can save 10% off your monthly plan if you do this). I usually have a few phones at my disposal that I just had to get and Koodo wasn't offering them. That didn't stop me.
I did get a Nexus 5, which is working out fine for me currently, but I really am hoping the Note is going to get a release through Koodo. I'm 'hoping' really hard 😉
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I am also hoping that they start selling the Galaxy Note 3 when the Note 4 is finally released.
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Psstt..Note 4 is coming!