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automatic top up pay date

I was wondering why when I originally set the date for my payment to leave my bank on the 10th, why this account suddenly decides it's ok would self change that date to usually way before that when I have no money then it bounces. I'm a stay at home mom of 3 kids one autistic, (moderately severe) and I need the phone incase he does something wild and we'll to speak for myself now, all I get is baby bonus on the 20th of every month. I want my account set to take the money out o the 20th not a day before or after so I KNOW I'll have my phone.

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Hi Shyla, Prepaid plans run for 30 days, not the length of the month. So if it was set for the 20th on the first month of 31 days, then the next month it would renew itself on the 19th and not the 20th.
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If you can find a way to add an extra $15 to the account, and then add your regular payment on the 20th of each month, you should be OK for many years, as you will be ahead by one month until 365 instances of long months occur. If a payment is withdrawn early, it will be topped up a few days later by your Baby Bonus deposit reach month.

Another option is to put the $15 into your Koodo account, and do a manual top-up each month, rather than having the funds withdrawn from your account. More work, but better certainty of your finances.