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automatic pre-authorized bank payments withdrawn late

Apparently the payment for my billing period Nov 14 - Dec 13, 2017 was received on the 29 of Dec 2017 (according to my bill). However, my chequing account was not debited until late in the day on 9 January 2018. My bank says this is a koodoo issue? Can someone please explain what took so long for the payment to come out of my account. I am on a pre authorized payment system..Thanks

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Hmmmm...that's strange. On our end we received payment as you said received on the 29th of December. And previous months, give or take a few days payments have also been around the same date. No issues. Is it possible that the bank is just deflecting a glitch they had this past month? :-) 
Thanks Bernard...I agree the bank didn't do something in a timely manner...Of course, banks never screw up  😉

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The exact same thing happened to me and for the exact dates you mention (I have a thread on here about it). I switched from post paid to prepaid and my final postpaid bill was for Dec 29th. My online Koodo bill showed it was paid Dec 29th, but my payment was only withdrawn from my bank account last night - Jan 9th. So I don’t think it had anything to do with the bank.