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Automatic Data share with more than one phone.

If you have more than one phone on your account and one is about to go over on the Data take data from the other phones that have unused data. We are paying for the Data any way so why not share it across all the phones we have? For a customer to get this you have a minimum like: You must have 1 Main Phone that has a predetermined minimum data plan say 1 Gig. Then any other plans you get just adds to the Data share pot say they must have a minimum 200M data plan. NO PAY AS YOU GO. If you have the main 2G phone Data plan and get a phone with a 200 MB Data plan then the 2 combined would have 1.2G to share ETC. EG. As it is now we have 5 phones I have our main phone with 2G Data that never all gets used I use half if that. We have a second phone (wife's aunt) with 2G that barley if ever gets used just because we needed the unlimited calling for her. My wife has 400M that barely gets used. Son has 200M that rarely gets used. AND my Daughter has 400M and goes over charges. We are paying for 3G of Data and using maybe half if that then paying over charges on top because some of that half is taken by one phone going over it's limit. So by rights we are using maybe 1/3 of what we are paying for in our plans combined and rest is overages. I would like to get what I am paying for. I bet this would go a long way with customers. You may not sell as many 10G plans but you would sell allot more 2G plans.

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