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Asurion Warranty Sent Defective Phone

Got a phone replacement for the S5 Neo as part of the warranty I purchased and which is conducted by this company Asurion. The phone they sent me has a defect in it in that the headphone jack does not work. Just received it to. Is this a common problem and what is the best way to get this resolved?

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Depends on what you consider common. I'd say more than it should happen for sure. Have you tried multiple headphones or cables or seeing if they work on other devices? Once you got to that point and it still isn't working it seems like you can get it replaced if it's a manufacturing defects at no extra charge : "Am I covered if my phone stopped working due to a manufacturing defect? You are covered against manufacturing defects without any additional service charges. Please call our support centre at 1-844-574-1839 within 30 days of the incident to make a service request. " https://www.esecuritel.com/koodomobile
Tried multiple headphones. Also the headphones that came with the phone. Only had it for 6 days. Shouldn't be any service charges or any work on my part as Asurian is the one that sent me a defective phone. Burden is on them not me. 
Thanks for the assistance