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As you are well aware, Wind and others are taking customers away with unlimited data, and cheaper plans. I will be next. Make changes

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But then when you leave your 7 wind zones you start roaming at $0.15/min, $0.05/text and $0.05/MB.
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I'm sorry to hear that 😞 Wind does have really good plans (I was previously on their network). That being said, I decide to move to Rogers (and now Koodo) because I needed nationwide coverage as I travel between Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. I also wish that they offered LTE. I think these 'issues' with Wind are preventing them from being a major contender and 'forcing' the Big 3 to compete. Remember how nervous they were when Verizon was supposedly coming over to Canada? I think we need to see more competition in the Canadian marketplace (vs. the same pricing across all the big carriers and their subsidiary). This is even more obvious when you look at places like MB/SK/TB where they have access to highly discounted plans vs. the rest of us.