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are replacement phones refurbished phones?

Just curious if the replacement phones for S7 or any phone brand for that matter are refurbished phones that generally have a slew of their own issues...trying to figure out if I am better off cancelling the extedned warranty and paying for a new screen or if I will get a brand new phone back. ( I have dealt with other warranty companies in the past and have come to the conclusion I am better off saving my own money for screen replacement then receiving refurbished phones that stop working randomly)

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Hi Jillian,

I believe the replacements can either be new or like-new devices. The phone you would be getting as a replacement would not have any issues with it and would work like a new device would.
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Now, in most cases even though they are refurbs, they should still work well like Mathieu said. I've read enough horor stories to personally not trust in them, but they're still in the minority. Keep on a quality bumper case as a minimum, tempered glass screen protector, and save the cash that you would spend on an extended warranty and I think that you'd come out ahead long run, but up to you what you prefer. All the better if you can replace the screen or know someone who can.