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Archos 53 Platinum not working with Koodo

While overseas, I cracked the screen on my Samsung.  Someone than gave me an Archos 53 Platinum cell phone that can hold 2 sim cards.  I put my Koodo Sim card in it and while overseas it worked fine.  However, it ceased to work as soon as I arrived in Canada.  It seems unable to detect the Network.
Is this phone incompatible with Koodo's network ?
The box states it works on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and on 3G 900/2100

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Koodo has a 3g network but it uses 850 /1900 mhz So that phone isn't compatiable
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That phone is not compatible on Koodo, or any other 3G network in Canada. You need 3G 850/1900.