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Arabic font characters seperated

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace and when ever I get an sms or go to any website that has Arabic font it will show separated characters, does anyone know how to fix that? Thanks.

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Did you download and install the Arabic font pack from the Google play store?
No I didn't, so that is all I have to do?
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I'm not sure. Try it.
I did it didn't work.Thanks anyway for replying,
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Be careful downloading any font packs from the Google playstore there has been known malware/virus found in 2 font apps as of late. The virus is not actually contained within the app on the PlayStore but when you go to download a font pack it's contained within that second download which is not from within the PlayStore. The apps have been taken down that have been found to have this but I'm sure more will pop up using this exact same method. Make sure to have a good virus protection app installed on your phone like COMODO ANTIVIRUS.
Thanks for the advice Paul, I will keep that in mind.