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Apps problem

sent my nexus to be repaired now with my old phone I cant get in my market to add FB and other apps??

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Did you enter your Google credentials correctly, Dennis or what error do you get?
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If you have multiple Gmail accounts try the other one. I have 5 Android devices at the moment and all connect to the playstore all at the same time so it's not a restriction & nothing will prevent you from accessing it so it has to be just user error upon entering your Google account. You can also go into your settings - app manager - slide to the right to all and scroll down to Google playstore and force stop and delete data then try logging into the playstore again. Make sure your not using a low end phone that doesn't have the playstore but a different market place for apps. I think its old LG phones but can't remember exactly.
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What is the old phone you are using? Does the old phone phone run the minimum Android version required by the apps you want to install?