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Application store service

I was charged under "Application storage service" I haven't bought anything or installed a paying app. Also, my data is blocked. So why I'm being charged exactly for? 

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Can you Log into the app store and show your purchase history that should show what you've been billed for.
You don't have to have data you could have accessed the app store over wifi to make the purchase.
You might also have instead made an in app purchase in a free app it doesn't have to be a paid app necessarily. Or a song or movie.
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Was this in your Koodo bill?
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Do you pay for additional cloud storage space? (e.g. Google Drive or DropBox). How much were you charged?
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There is a $4.99 application purchase charge (not data), which could be a number of things you may have bought. This one took place on June 26th for something called Triton Canada. You will have to contact them if you are disputing the charges. I hope this helps.