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APN numbers

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Hi there. Awhile ago I had some problems where I needed to reset the APN numbers. There was a convenient post on here with every thing. Now, since resetting our phones, we have discovered that we can no longer receive picture texts, and am thinking there is some thing in the APN settings that I missed. Wondering if any one would have a link to the APN page that I am thinking of? Thanks.

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Koodo APN Settings Name KOODO  APN sp.koodo.com  Proxy leave blank  Port leave blank  Username leave blank  Password leave blank  Server leave blank  MMSC http ://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc  MMS Proxy  MMS Port 80  MCC 302  MNC 220  Authentication type None  APN type leave blank  APN Protocol IPv4  APN roaming protocol IPv4  Enable/Disable APN APN enabled  Bearer Unspecified
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Thank you so much. Just as I figured. Missed the MMS parts some how. Now, to see if it works. Thanks again for your quick responses.