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Anyone know of any new Android phones coming to Koodo??

Looking to see if there's any info on new Android phones coming to Koodo, if any??

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Hi Natalie, Is there any phone in particular you are looking for? Koodo is always getting new phones! They just got the new Galaxy phones, LG G3, HTC One M9 just to name a few
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The rumor mill is very empty at the moment
Looking for a Nexus 6 or a Moto X...
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Motorola has usually been carrier exclusive for their devices and those phones are hardly any different. The Nexus 6 is only on the big 3 or you can buy it outright from Google, and the Moto X 2nd gen is currently only on Telus and I don't see it coming to Koodo anytime soon. If every phone from Robellus was available on their flanker brands, there wouldn't be anyone on Robellus because their plans are generally more expensive. You win some, you lose some.