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Anyone hear anything about the android 6.0 M update yet? When will we get it and what devices do you think will get it first?

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Marshmallow 6.0 update. Who do you think will get it first and when?

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Depends on the what device you have and when Google and/ or Koodo release it for that device.
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Hey Chad,This is my first time owning an Android device.I hate the way the updates are,as many others do also I'd assume! So different from Apple, where they tell you when you're getting it and you download it that day, no problems!
I know Google devices get the update right away,correct?When it's released!
I guess what I really want to know is when I can expect the 6.0 Marshmallow update for my Galaxy S6? From user/customer experience,how long do it usually take Koodo to send these updates to our devices?  Do any long time Android users,who have been through multiply updates,have any opinions or guesses? Also,do any of you have any favourite websites you visit to get leaked or updated info as to these updates from Canadian carriers?

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Gerry Hanlon wrote:

Hey Chad,This is my first time owning an Android device.I hate the way the updates are,as many ot...

Updates on android work the same way, dependent on your settings , you'll get a notification that a system update is either downloaded and ready to be installed or that its ready for you to download.

Your Samsung update will usually roll out from Samsung & Koodo and not directly from Google. Updates are staggered, meaning they choose a limited number of devices to push the update to, then they wait to see if any issues pop up before releasing all in.

I can't answer you when questions because I don't know. Samsung and Koodo might, but they're not talking to the public yet about it.

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